At Læder we belive in making a better tommorow and that our products are neither an adittional cuase nor create futher damage to our environment. And due to this prinicple our brand is trying to achieve we want more for the future than just putting a green stemp on the packaging. We want our customers to feel better after purchasing one of our products and to have an impact.


Our leather is derived from a responsible and small farm in Italy where the cows have enough space to live an active and respectful life. They don’t only exist for the soul purpose of producing leather. The demand for meat rises annualy and trough those production cycles many side products are generated. That’s the moment where we step in.  We’re confident in the fact that no animal should die for the leather industy. And to prove that point we’re going to be very transparent about every production step and materials that were used to create our læther key chains.

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The keyholder was created to last for an extraordinary long amount of time. We’re constantly focusted on developing new ways to accoplish a yet better product that is going to acompany you for even longer. Our number one goal is not to create more profit and to neglect the quality of our product. We’re rather keen on selling you an accesory that you will enjoy looking at for years. As time goes by our leather will created an even more appealing look due to sun exposure, skin and water contact regardless of what color you have chosen. Thats makes our product all the more custom as it adapts to your personal life. Leather itself is a very  fascinating material espacially through its history with humans. Being so durable and long lasting serves great purpose as a daily driver.

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Each step in the production of our leather key chain takes place in the EU, from the leather to every metal piece. We’re very focused to keep the transport ways that each of our parts have to go through small. The leather bands only have to travel from italy to the tanner in Tuttlingen a small town in Baden-Württemberg Germany and after tanning they go striaght to us in Munich where they’re customly stamped by hand and fitted to your needs. We use regererative energies to stemp the leatherbands in our facility. As the stamping machines require a lot of energy since they must get scorching hot, we feel obligated to get this amount from a responsible source.

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Even the part that is the most difficult to control, we’ve still put a lot of effort in evaluating and coming up with solutions that fit our comany’s beliefs. Through using DHL as our shipping company we can assure the safty as well as the sustainability of our package delivery. DHL is one of very few shipping firms that starts to use elecrtical powered shipping trucks which can be very beneficial to the airquality in big crowded cities. Futhermore, to reduce packaging waste we are not going to use additional packaging thats not required . By leaving this out we can efficiently reduce waste material and only use resources when neccersary.


If something caught your attention regarding our sustainability claims and you feel the need to get in conact with us you can do so right here. Or perhaps you have suggestions on how we can further improve our production cycle. Feel free to do so and we are going to try our best to satisfy any of your requests or demands.

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