About us

Welcome to our story!

Why leather?

Læder is not just some standard name we’ve come up with, it actually represents the danish word for leather. Leather in itself has been an important resource to humans throughout mankind for many thousands of years, and also one of man’s earliest and perhaps most useful inventions. Especially for the nordic culture, since the properties of leather work super well for the harsh nordic climate. It’s water- & windproof, can take a beating and even be used as armor along with it’s lifespan. 

This company is the tale of us, and how our passion for nordic history has led us to loving leather as much as the old danish vikings did. Vikings loved leather and used it practically everywhere they had the chance as this super resource fitted perfectly the needs of every viking. 

Why the keychain?

As we live in Germany and away from our family I sometimes catch myself looking at my keyring and remembering my hometown. It takes me back for a second. In Denmark we try to give eachother meaningful presents that are appreciated for a long time. We want to provide this oppertunity to anyone who intends to do the same, someone who’s looking for a small thing that can make an impact.

Who are we?

We’re two partners with a common interest in leather but with different views and experience regarding the material. 



[Name] is the practical one of us, who has together with his mother Milk learned the beauty of leather, as he is from the northern part of Denmark where hunting is an essential part of how he was raised. Many of the tools and equipments used at hunting are made from leather, so he learned how leather could last lifetimes with the right care.

[Name] on the other hand is the more “technical” of the two, where he is more fascinated by the perfectness of leather, and how to design and combine it with other materials to be most robust. Leather doesn’t have many limits and can be used in so many ways! He’s absolute favourite color of leather is the cognac color. From cars, chairs to watches – or in this case key hangers.