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Our key hangers are unbelievable variative and there are thousands of different combinations of our product. You can customize it with letters, numbers or even emojis to create your own unique key hanger. If you do not have any ideas YET, dont worry, we will show you some inspirations of how your key hangers could eventually look like.

Feel free to use those combinations because they are definitely one of our favourites!

Generel ideas
  • First letter of First Name Last Name
  • Just the First Name
  • First name of your loved ones (boyfriend/girlfriend)
  • Initials of loved ones ( + ) ( & ) (= Heart emoji)
  • Two Key hangers for a married couple ( Mr. and Mrs.)
  • Special date (for example anniversary, birthday…)
  • Special date in Roman numbers ( V.II.MMIII )
  • Family initials ( ..+..+..+.. )
  • Valentines day: My Valentine, Valentines
  • Pet name, or something in combination with an animal (for example: Dog Person, Dog lover + paw emoji)
  • Football fan, short name of favourite team with football emoji
  • Home town, favourite place, favourite city
  • Date / Year (Numbers)
  • ( Coordinates of something (favourite city, favourite place, home town) )
  • Captions: Drive safe, I Love you Love you
  • Family gift: Best dad or Best mum Grandma Grandpa
  • Guarding angel, Be careful, Stay safe Be safe
  • You got this, Good luck
  • Short quote: Wanderlust, Traveling, Travel (Airplane emoji)
  • Different Emoji Combinations
  • Name of your favourite song, music emoji
  • Sunny day, Happy Vibes, Holidays
  • Short quotes: Be happy, Heads Up, Keep calm, Dream Big, Be Positive, Stay strong
  • Hashtags: #Love #Travel #Family #Home #Sports
Specific ideas
  • House emoji for your house keys
  • Combination of your license plate for your car keys ( … – – )
  • Car keys: ‚Drive safe‘, ‚Safe drive‘
  • Work & home keys
Special days
  • Mothers day

(Mothers Day, Best Mom, Initials)

  • Fathers day

(Fathers Day, Best Dad, Initials)

  • Christmas
  • Valentines day

Keychain for couples

(My Valentine Valentine Initials of the couple, Heart emoji)

See picture examples here

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We hope you liked our insperational pictures with different varieties of our key hanger. You can see that there are a lot of different versions of what the key hanger could look like, especially if you choose different leather and metal colours. If youre looking for a gift idea, and you don’t want it to look the same as yours, you can easily change some details and get a key hanger the way you want it to be!

We hope we could help you, to find some inspiring ideas for your new key hanger.

Since you can completely customize our product, there will be many different options and versions of how your key hanger will look like, as you can see in our different product pictures. Feel free to also check out our other articles, for example the Story of our leather, to assure you that we are only using high quality leather, as well as the About us to just get to know us the Best!