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This keychain is awesome! I ordered the keychain for my mother in the color nature with the silver metal ring. When the keychain arrived, I was amazed. I mean the print of the engraving has been so good, much better than expected. Top!!!

Katharina Schmid

Wow! I think this keychain is very elegant. But what is really very good is that it is super robust, as it should be. And even if my Key-hanger would give in and tear, I still have a 10-year warranty!

Michael Müller

Very good leather keychain, fits well in the hand, I like it very much. Price performance is right


Leather keychain that doesn’t take up too much space in your pocket.

Looking for a keychain that is small, elegant, high quality and customizable? Then you’ve come to the right place!  We offer you the perfect leather keychain where you can personalize the front and back just how you would like it to. And there are no limits!

You can customize your keychain with engraved letters, numbers, characters and even emojis. You can choose between four different leather and metal colors for the strap and for the metal ring. The Keyhangers as well as the machines for making them are made in Germany, except for the Italian leather, that is processed and tanned in Germany. Furthermore, we make all keychains by hand and promise you a two-year warranty on the breaking of the leather..

On our Website you can find Information to:

                           – our elegant Keyhanger

                           – our company Læder

                           – the Production and Warranty

                           – the Color selection and the Customization

                           – the Blog

                           – the Inspirations

                           – the Personalization guide

                           – Additional information about leather

Keychain for any occasion:

Our leather keychain is prepared for all kinds of occasions. Whether it’s Christmas, Father’s Day, or maybe a boyfriend/girlfriend’s birthday, the keyhanger can be made perfect for anything. For example, you could have „Mom“ written on the keychain for Mother’s Day or „I love you“ for Valentine’s Day (see blog). Whether man or woman, our keychains are suitable for all, as they are pretty, elegant and not too big for your pocket.


Since you can have everything embossed on our keychain, only the imagination sets limits. We want to help you with this, so we created a long list with many inspirations for you, which you can have embossed on your keychain. To do this, scroll to the bottom of our website, where you will find a button, that is called (Inspirations). Once you clicked on it, you will find inspirations for special days as well as for specific ideas and general concepts, so you will always find a keychain that fits just right.


We are so confident about our leather Keychain, that we promise you a ten-year warranty on the breaking of the leather.

Personalization guide:

Do you want to order a unique keychain, but you don’t know how to add an engraving?

  1. Fist go on our Homepage and scroll down a bit.
  2. Then you should see the Keyhanger
  3. Choose your color for the leather and for the metal ring. Directly below the color selection are two text fields. The first is for the front and the second is for the back. Attention! If you want to engrave the back side as well, it will cost you 2,99 € more. You can use the following characters:

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Æ Ø Å Ü Ä Ö ß . , ! ? / – + % ( ) @ # & “ : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ⚓ ? ? ✌️ ? ? ❤️ ? ? ? ? ? ⭐ ⚡️ ⚽ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ⛵ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ✈️ ? ? ☕️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ☠️ ? ? ? ??

    After you finished filling out the text fields, you can click Add to card


  4. Pay and wait patiently for your order.

Color selection

Our leather is available in 4 different colours (see Keyhanger):

– Cognac (warm Brown), Dark brown, Nature (Light Brown), Black

The metal ring is available in the following colors (see Keyhanger):

 – Antique brass (old gold), Gunmetal (dark gray), Brass (gold), silver

Attention! Since we use real raw leather, the colors always discolor a little over time. Especially light colors like nature discolor strongly. The leather discolors for example by sunlight and also by contact with fat. For example, the color nature becomes more brown with time and becomes very similar to the color cognac. The other leather colors do not discolor as much as the color Nature.


The production of our keychains takes place entirely in Germany, with the exception of the Italian leather, which is however processed and tanned in Germany. How the production then proceeds, can you read in the next section about our handwork.

Handmade Quality:

We make all the keychains by hand. We use only the best materials. This way you will always get your product in the best possible quality. The final product of the keychain is always slightly different from the other finished products, because of our handwork. Because of that, it is also possible for us to sort out the leather that has suffered color defects or something similar. The font is embossed by us by hand with a manual machine, which was made especially for us in Germany.

Additional information about leather:

Leather is a strong, flexible and durable material obtained from the tanning, or chemical treatment, of animal skins and hides to prevent decay. Furthermore, leather is a resource that man has been using for thousands of years. Leather is water and wind resistant and could even be used as armor. In addition, leather is stretchy, but tear-resistant.